Let's be honest…

Dating and hooking up with amazing women is great, yet it's only HALF the equation… for instance:

  • How do you KEEP them coming back for more?
  • How do you get women ADDICTED to sleeping with you?
  • And then how do you get them to continually INVITE THEIR FRIENDS into the bedroom?

The answer is simpler than you think…

Give Her The Most Incredible,

Heart-Pounding Orgasms

Of Her Entire Life!

Seriously, that’s it.

Once you totally rock a girl’s world in the bedroom – you’ll set yourself apart so much from other guys, she’ll literally never forget you.

You’ll pretty much be able to sleep with her on a casual or “open” basis for as long as you want.

Why? Because…

Guys Who Are Good In Bed

Are Incredibly Rare.

It’s no secret that most women rarely orgasm… if it all. Researchers from Columbia University recently found that 54% of women admitted to regularly faking orgasms…

And that doesn’t even include women who don’t bother to pretend to fake the orgasm… or the ones who lied in the study.

The bottom line is, take ANY woman – doesn’t matter how hot she is – and it’s 80-90% unlikely she’s dissatisfied.

And the problem is worsened by the fact that…

Most Women Will Never Ever

Say “You Suck In Bed”

Right to Your Face!

Unfortunately, even if you’re currently terrible in the bedroom, there’s a good chance you won’t know it because women don’t tell us these things.

They’d way rather spare our feelings (and spare themselves an awkward moment)… and so they pretend that everything is okay, even if the sex is average or bad.

That’s why the only way to truly judge whether a woman is not faking it… is to look at how often she initiates sex …

In other words, a deeply satisfied woman will almost always be begging for it – which means...

If She’s NOT Begging You for Sex On Daily Basis…

Chances Are High She’ll Leave You

The Second a “Better” Guy Comes Along

I know that’s harsh, but it’s true.

Women are incredibly sexual creatures. They want and need sex more than we do. Their capacity for pleasure is higher.

They can orgasm more deeply, and frequently.

And at the same time, most women are so dissatisfied, they literally freak out when they meet a guy who actually knows he’s doing in the bedroom.

Which is why I prepared this short letter (and video above) for you.

Because if you really want to go all the way with the process of being with multiple women, you must master the sexual component…

That is how you keep them coming back for more… how you get her to beg you for it all day long… and ultimately, why she’ll be dying to bring friends over and have threesomes with you.

Because you’re the ONLY guy she’s ever met who totally satisfy her… and she wants her friends to know just how amazing you are.

That’s why I just put the finishing touches on a program I desperately want to share with you:


(Your Blueprint for Total Sexual Mastery)

For the first time ever – and ONLY on this special page right now – I’m making this exclusive program available to guys like you… on a one-time only basis.

It’s the most advanced “sexual mastery” product we’ve ever done… and I’m only making it available to friends of this unique brotherhood…

Because I know you’re the kind of guy who’s serious about making women happy – and you’re going to use this sexual power responsibly.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get inside:

Chapter 1

The Foundation for Great Sex

Interview with Underground Sex Guru, Alex Allman

This is a foundational program – so that you quickly build the skills and adopt the mindset you need to satisfy multiple women, on an ongoing basis.

You’ll discover:

  • Why women love dominant men – and the 3 simple things you can do to quickly become a dominant badass in her eyes… even if you’re currently a virgin and really nervous around women!
  • Why the idea of being “bad” turns women on… and how to leverage that for some of the most mind-blowing orgasms she’s ever had…
  • The two most surefire “works every time” sexual techniques that every guy should have in his arsenal…
  • The #1 mistake men make when giving oral sex…
  • Plus, a “internal” step-by-step process you can use to quickly and deeply transform your own sexual confidence – so that women can literally FEEL it from a mile away and become instantly more attracted to you…

And more… a LOT more. This interview will help you quickly build the foundation to be amazing at sex.

Chapter 2

Sexual Power Decoded

Powerful Seminar Presentation With Alex Allman

Originally recording during one of our $2,000 boot camps... this exclusive interview/presentation by sex guru Alex Allman is some of the best sex advice you’ll EVER hear.

Alex pulls no punches, revealing not only what’s holding you back... but also how to develop the kind of incredible sexual powers most guys can’t even dream of...

You’ll learn:

  • How porn has probably killed your ability to give women deep, lasting, over-the-top orgasms – the kind that they remember for years…
  • The secret to standing out from all the other guys who just give women unpleasant “jack rabbit sex” (hint: it has NOTHING to do with dick size, and everything to do with unlearning some key mistakes that ruin a woman’s pleasure)… 
  • The “stillness” orgasm – a magical way to a woman an deep orgasm that lasts for minutes… including how to “layer” on that orgasm – over and over – until she’s practically exploding with pleasure…
  • How to make a woman 10X more likely to wet WITHOUT even touching her or saying a word!

And way more than I can list here. Alex is a master at breaking down what’s holding a guy back.

Chapter 3

Make Her Wet

With Jaiya

Let’s face it -- girls know themselves really well. Especially bi-sexual girls.

And in this segment, we get bi-sexual and poly amorous dating expert Jaiya to share some of the most powerful techniques she’s ever learned for giving and receiving pleasure.

You’ll find out about:

  • The “welcome method” – and how you can use this powerful stroking technique, to give women orgasms for 10 minutes at a time (don’t mess this up, though, or else it will really hurt)…
  • Why 9 out of 10 guys stimulate the  G-spot the WRONG way (how it’s taught in the magazines)... and 3 ways to stimulate her down there that will have her moaning louder than she’s ever moaned before...
  • 3 ways to give her an earth-shattering “deep spot” orgasm... even if you’re not well-endowed...
  • The “kiss orgasm” - how to bring a women close to wet, simply by the way you kiss her!
  • And much, much more...

Seriously, there are few women who know all that Jaiya knows about sex -- and it’s incredible to hear these techniques and how they feel from a woman’s perspective.

It’s forever going to change the way you look at sex, and what’s possible for you.

Chapter 4

Easy 1-2-3 Threesomes

With Brad P

Speaking of what’s possible, Brad P does some seemingly “impossible” things with women...

I’m talking about:

  • Having 8 girlfriends at one time...
  • Hooking up in bathrooms (he’ll teach you how to do this, and why it multiplies your sexual power faster than anything else you can do)...
  • How to create the dirtest, freakiest most awesome threesomes -- where women feel comfortable exploring their every sexual fantasy...
  • The secret of “repeat customers” - how to end and follow up your threesome so that the girls tell their friends, and beg for more...

And that's barely scratching the surface. Brad is a true bedroom rockstar -- and absolutely machine when it comes to hooking up with beautiful, sexually-liberated women.

Now he’s going show everything he knows about threesomes with you... even if getting a threesome scary or far away.

It’s NOT. You can get threesomes... you just need the steps

Last but not least, you’ll get...

Chapter 5

The Waterfall Sex Life

You already know what the “waterfall” is... that incredible place where women just flow into your life, getting sex becomes easy, and your confidence soars.

However, I’ve discovered there are some key steps to really taking full advantage of all the sexual opportunities that the waterfall brings to you.

And I reveal them all in this audio. You’ll discover:

  • How to know -- in advance -- just how good a woman will be in bed (there are 3 key signs that I teach you... so that you never waste your time with a boring/frigid women)...
  • 5 ways to make women eager to bring their friends home for hot, steamy exploration of their kinkiest fantasies...
  • The single best way to find a “core girl” who will be steady, love you, and at the same time never get jealous (the opposite actually - do what I teach you and she’ll be eager to share you with other women!)
  • My 2 craziest waterfall stories ever -- including 4 crazy mistakes you MUST avoid if you want this powerful process to flow smoothly...

I could go on and on. But you get the point.

The Bedroom Rock Star program will forever transform your knowledge of what turns women on... what makes them wet... and how to deliver each time you hook up with them.

It will permanently change you as a man. Period.

Bottom line, after using this program, you'll be a different man in bed the very next time you are with a woman.

There is no “practice” or “studying” required... you can use ALL of of these powerful secrets that same night to drive your woman wild!

Best of all, because you’re on this page right now, you’ll get this program for JUST 1/3 what others will pay in the future.

In other words, when or if we ever release this, it will be $297. No exceptions.

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Again, factoring the cost of the program over just the first year that you use it (and trust me, you WILL use it!)... it comes out to only 27 cents per day.

That’s nothing for ability to drive any woman wild in bed...

For the ability to go from not being sure IF you are giving a woman an orgasm to "you" determining how many she has...

Because her entire body will literally be yours for the taking.

And you will know with total certainty that you are not only better than her ex… but better than any other man she’s had before…  (she’ll make SURE you know that, by telling you over and over)...

And you’ll have such an aura of self-confidence, other women will be instantly drawn to you in an inexplicably powerful way...

Even her friends begin to look at you differently… because when a woman finds a guy who gives her the best sex of her life, she can’t keep it to herself – she must “tell all”...

Don’t Wait...

This Is The ONLY Chance

You’ll Have to Get This Program

Ultimately, I created this program because I want YOU to have the hyper-advanced skills and ability to rock any woman’s world in the bedroom...

And I made sure my Bedroom Rock Star program is the absolute fastest way to get you there.

To get started – just TRY it now, go through the first module or two (you won't be able to stop)… and THEN decide if this wasn’t the best decision you ever made.

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The Dating Multiples Report 

A complete guide to dating multiple women at the same time and how to have them love you for it… without lying, tricking them, cheating, or being a “player”… 

Cheat-Proof Yourself Report 

This handy little guide will teach you the secret tool that will make you look like the only guy who exists in the world. 

Escaping the Friend-Zone 

If you've ever been trapped in the friend-zone and you wanted to be more than friends but you didn’t know how, you know how much it completely sucks…

This report will teach you the advanced techniques needed to make sure that never happens and how to get out of it if it does.

The Guide to Breaking Up Report 

As you go on your journey you'll have to end relationships with women that you'll care about a lot because, at the end of the day, you'll probably only be able to choose one.

When that time comes, if you don’t know the exact steps to do in the right order, you'll cause a tornado of pain and suffering to those women…this guide teaches you word-for-word tips to get you through it and out the other side still being friends.

The Author’s Unabridged Audio Commentary

Narrated by Joshua Pellicer

Want an inside look into my thoughts behind each of the 99 secrets I reveal in Tao?

This audio commentary will walk you through a new way of approaching these secrets. Uncensored and straight from the source! 

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I wanted to put an end to the whole “what do I say when I walk up to her??” thing.

So I created this cheat sheet for you to access at any time to get new, creative, funny things to say that will build massive amounts of attraction with the women you meet… 

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